In an independent assessment run by Discovery Health, hospital patients were surveyed about their experiences in hospitals throughout the country. Rondebosch Medical Centre (RMC ) was voted one of the Top Private Hospitals in the nation, ranking 11th in the country and 1st in Cape Town (City bowl, Northern Suburbs, Southern suburbs and Cape flats).

Rondebosch Medical Centre opened its doors in 2012 and in a short period of time, the hospital has gained a reputation for providing excellent care and has become one of the premier health providers in the city.

The hospital is a full service acute hospital, conveniently located in the southern suburbs opposite Red Cross Children’s hospital. The hospital has a 24 hour Emergency Unit that is run by an Emergency and Anaesthesia trained Physician and has theatres, a surgical ward, a medical ward, a maternity and neo-natal ward, a paediatric ward and an intensive care unit (ICU).

In 2016 the hospital extended its offerings by opening a state of the art cardiac unit, which is comprised of a hybrid Cath Lab, a cardiac theatre and cardiac wards. The hybrid Cath Lab is equipped with the latest technology and is fitted with a digital bi-plane cardiac scanner. The team of esteemed cardiologists is able to perform a variety of procedures including angiography, electrophysiology (EP), vascular and interventional radiology in the brand new cardiac facility.

The hospital has also established Rondebosch Dialysis Centre, which is a modern fully equipped Renal Dialysis Unit. Summit Psychiatry, GVI Oncology, Radiographers Morton and Partners, Pathologists Lancet, Pathcare and Ampath are all based at the hospital.

Reacting to the news that RMC is one of the best hospitals in the country, CEO Dr MI Shreef said, “The management would like to thank the efficient staff, caring professional nurses and illustrious doctors who have built this institution into a dynamic, leading healthcare facility”.

“We hope to build on this foundation and for our facility to continue to earn the trust and respect of patients by providing excellent, professional and compassionate care to all those who walk in through our doors.”

Matron of the hospital, Adielah Abdulatief, echoed his sentiments saying she and her nursing staff were both overjoyed and humbled by the accolade.

“We work hard to make sure the needs of every patient are met and it is wonderful when that hard work is recognized, the nursing staff are also reinvigorated by this news and we will continually strive to provide the best care to all patients who are entrusted to us,” said Abdulatief.