Cardiac Facilities and Services

  • The Hospital has a 24-Hour Emergency Unit and is equipped to cater for all emergencies including Cardiac Emergencies
  • Hybrid Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab), which includes a state-of-the-art Siemens Bi-Plane Cardiac Scanner and Electrophysiology capabilities. Hybrid Cardiac Cath Lab combines the diagnostic functions of a traditional Cath Lab with the surgical functions of an operating room, enabling doctors to perform both endovascular procedures and open surgical procedures
  • Dedicated Cardiac Theatres, fully equipped with the latest technology
  • Cardiac/Coronary Care Unit (CCU) is a dedicated intensive care unit which is equipped to cater for full spectrum of Cardiac conditions.

Specialist Doctors

The cutting-edge medical technology in the Heart Unit is complimented by a team of highly experienced cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists, offering a comprehensive service at Rondebosch Medical Centre.

The list of expert specialists include:

  • Integrated Cardiac Care: Dr S Pandie (Cardiologist) Dr Z. Kerbelker (Physician) (Tel: 021 685 0703)
  • Dr S. Ismail (Cardiologist) (Tel: 021 637 1270)
  • Dr D. Marshall (Cardiologist) (Tel: 021 685 4308)
  • Dr F. Lorgat (Cardiologist) (Tel: 021 423 6665)
  • Dr A. Lawson (Interventional Radiographer)
  • Dr E. Kader (Interventional Radiographer)
  • Dr H. Boytchev (Interventional Vascular Surgeon) (Tel: 021 685 2145)
  • Dr W. Koen (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) (Tel: 021 422 0277)
  • Dr K. Louw (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) (Tel: 021 686 3362)
  • Dr L. Moodley (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) (Tel: 021 506 5139)

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